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Our company gave us off for Juneteenth.  Not used to having a mid-week holiday, but hell, I'm not complaining.  Sasquatch was off in Spain running with the bulls I think.

Water was a little bumpy and I know they are going to close the deepwater rockfish spots in July.  Unfortunately, all of my good spots are deeper than 300'.

I metered around my secret spots and found a new one!  I decided to use the low-profile line counter on the first fish, then my Rainshadow bay gear on the second one.  I dropped down a small jig and saw that my line counter was off a couple of feet from what my line counter was saying.

First drop and the slow steady reel in to see none other than a big red!

I dropped the little bay rod and instantaneously got bit!  Wow, this is really a special area!

I didn't want to have to release any hoping for a Ling or sheep, so I made the long run to find a yellowtail.  Bait was everywhere and making bait was easy.  Both Greenies and Spanish.

I was slow trolling since a few of the boats were doing it and I know what they were targeting.  I use a 5/0 circle hook and pin on a perfect mackerel! 
Then the SCREAMER happened!  Holy crap!  The right kind!  As I'm taking out the rod out of the holder, gone... f@cking Circle Hooks!!!!!!!!

I trolled and trolled for nada.  I then put down the trolling motor and started casting.  Good god, so many little calico bass!

I caught a dozen before I decided to try dropping whole fresh/frozen squid looking for WSB.

The only taker was a Rattler...

The wind started picking up so I moved a little closer to the inlet.  I mixed it up between whole squid drops and casting the plastics.  Fishing was good.

The only issue is I'm spoiled with these big reds.  Now catching little inshore rockfish seems pretty boring, even though it's nice seeing something other than Red.  lol

Then the wind picked up and time to go.  It was fun catching a variety again, but I can't believe I've been so bad at catching the local tails.  I used to be on it all the time, but things are definitely not the same these days out there.

Thanks for reading... I might need to get a few more reds before they close them off in a week and a half from now.

General Board / Never Gets Old
« on: June 20, 2024, 08:43:51 AM »
I've seen quite a few launches and really wish I would pay attention to the launches more.  I was prepping the boat for my trip and walked out to the street to see the awesome usual "You missed it" Zig-Zag in the sky.

Man, you're gripping that thing like Koga grips his Vienna sausage! lol

Congrats!  I know what you mean when you are so focused on a target, that anything else sometime boggles the head.  Congrats and at least it was a good one!

All week and fairly locally, the big Bluefin have been biting.  Got my intel from the inner circle and packed my gear accordingly.  I opted to leave the light stuff at home because there was no chance at little yellowfin or dorado this time of year and we had plans to just big game hunt.  I saw it was going to get a little lumpy out there, so was mentally preparing for a beat down on my body.

We picked up a healthy scoop and plans were to hit the 302, then 371, then 425, then the tuna pens.

We metered some life and plenty of birds at the 302.  Saw a few Brown Boobies which was really cool.  They kept checking out our spread as we gave the Macs a troll at the high point.

We metered some fish, but couldn't raise any, so we moved on to the 371.  We fished bait on a few paddies, but they were only holding Blue Perch of all things.

The 371 was clean, but no bait in the water column and pretty lifeless.  Not even a bird, but the sun was breaking through, so it was nice to see out there since the sun hasn't shown its face offshore for months!

We didn't spend much time here and headed to the 425.  We checked the high spots and there were boats around, but nothing.  We metered a few fish, so dropped baits, knife jigs, and a few other "secrets" from the old tackle box for nothing.  We decided to troll to the tuna pans since that's where most of the fleet was.

Man, that place must be a nightmare to fish at night with all of the pen ropes and mexican commercial fleet out there.  It was hard enough in the day just to avoid all of the hazzards.

We ditched the macs and put out the spreader bars, since we've always done very well on them.  It wasn't long and we had a short screamer!  I saw the hit, but thought it was just a small Bluefin.  Caleb jumped on the rod to start the grind.

Knew it wasn't a BFT, but WTH is it?  Well, we found out with some big bonito!

We didn't want to go light for bones, so we kept the big spreader bars out.  Well, those big bones loved the big baits and it was really quick between take downs!  Caleb got most of the action on these guys and he was just stoked to be catching over doing nothing.  My buddy didn't want to scale down just in case a BFT was around, so I put out a small short drop back troller since I wanted to join in on the fun!

Funny, trying to swing a 10+ pound bonito on a big spreader bar isn't as easy as it may seem.  We threw a few on the bounce attempts, but it didn't matter, there was plenty around.

We got a half dozen from 9.5-12 pounds... legit bonito and would have been really fun on the bass gear!

I heard Shaun tell Cayleb to grab the gaff and get a swing in.  I didn't realize he hasn't gaffed a fish yet, so what better way than a big feisty bone!  It took off as he was sinking the gaff, but nailed it on the first shot!  Bravo boss!

Having him also get into the routine of the trolling hook up was good training when the big one hits.

Well, we decided to head back to the Kidney since we saw life there earlier and it was already 5:00pm.  It's been a long day since 4:00 am and we were going to head into some nasty stuff.  It probably wouldn't have been so bad, but my buddy is more of a "steerer" than a "driver".  I mean hit the throttle and two hands on the wheel, so we spent a lot of time crash landing over 7 footers.  The only thing that saved me was the gummies to keep my head right.  lol

Got to the 302 and fish a few empty paddies.  Saw a really nice mark, but couldn't raise it.  Before you knew it, it was 7:30pm and 30+ miles to get to the barn.  It was a beautiful sunset at least!

I forgot to mention since we already had the ice and it would have went to waste, we bled out the bonito right away, gilled and gutted and dropped it in the RSW bag.  Probably more than anyone would have done for bonito, but it would have been wasted ice.  When I cleaned the bones though, it was probably the nicest bonito meat I've ever seen!

Well, that was it.  Another long ass run for no Bluefin.  I really am starting to hate these things.  It helped to know that almost everyone only caught bonito and didn't hear of a singly BFT caught.  Well, heard of two caught from 2 boats fishing the pens at 2:00am, but we weren't going to be there that early.  lol

Thanks for reading and until next tide!

Fishing Talk / I'll get the report up this afternoon...
« on: June 17, 2024, 07:22:53 AM »
Man, it was a tough day for Bluefin, but I've never seen real "bonito" 40 miles offshore before in 30 years living out here. I always saw people referencing "skippies" as bonito, but whoa!  There were a ton of big bonito out at the grounds.  7.8-10# gilled and gutted, so legit fish!

Then I heard the island were plugged with big bone also....  I'm glad they're here, but would love to see them cross the border and head north!

Saltwater Boat Fishing Reports / Mid-Week Reset (6/12)
« on: June 13, 2024, 10:05:26 PM »
If I didnít get my boat out soon, I was going to lose it, so I took a day off to just unwind.  Trust me, going on a friends boats is cool, but my boat is my Fortress of Solitude.

I get to the ramp and fish were busting everywhere!  Well hell, I need to clip on something quick and make some casts!  Some sounded like corvine and others sounded like  needlefish.  Nothing worse you can hope for is a first cast curseÖ and a needle fish is 10x as badÖ   Yep!  Iím the master!  LOL

I didnít even make another cast as I was scared it was going to ruin a hopeful day.  LOL

My entire day was going to be Hero or Zero.  I wanted a big Halibut, WSB, or Yellowtail.  I pick up some nice mackerel and hopes are high.  I saw a lot of life in LJ, but no sign of gamefish, so I made a 12 mile trip up the coast and saw nothing.  I power drifted some macks and found some 14-17 inch calico.  Not even close to what I was hoping forÖ

As I was slow trolling for bass bites, I realized I stopped doing what was my bread and butter of boatingÖ  Setting up Plan A, Plan B, and Plan CÖ

Plan A didnít work as hoped after 3 hours, so I opted for Plan B.  I decided I was only going to use the light Bay Rod for deep dropping since you can only keep 2 reds now and I didnít want to mess around with the heavy gear.

LJ was BOOMING with Sea Lions and small dolphin.  I almost thought they were BFT since they were feeding, but were all marine mammals.

I was almost pissed because a Navy ship was sitting right on my spot, so I putted around and found a promising spot about 1 mile away.  This was literally like the size of a VW bug, but thank you Spot Lock!

I literally ran out of line hitting the bottom!

I hooked a BIG one three times before I finally got him to the surface.  Not sure if it was 3 individuals or just the same one 3 times.  Trying to set the hook inalmost 400 feet on 12# mono bay bass gear is not easy.

I canít explain enough what fighting big rockfish on bay gear is like.  Itís a LOAD of FUN!

I already caught one BIG red, but was shocked to see the next one!

No sense in keeping to drop when you get a 20" and 21" back to back!

Just some fun pics while I was trying to recoup from reeling up those tiny reels from so deep.

I thought I saw a huge shark jumping!  I saw the splash 2x before catching him on the third jump.  A MONSTER Mola!  I cruised over to him, but he had a chopped fin from a prop, so wanted nothing to do with me.

I decided it was just time to head in so just made full steam into the bay.  I put about 70 miles in round trip, but that big Ling and the big reds totally made it even steven for me.  As I was passing the Ingran Bridge, I tied on the lure I found on the beach the other day...

Second cast and BOOM!  WTF!?!? 17" Calico on the piling???

Some guy in a little boat saw me catch it and immediately motored over to cast right in front of me, so i called it quits right away.  Okay, I lied, I made two casts and didn't get a bump, so then moved on.

That was it.  I got some meat, but catching these guys on the bay gear brought it to a whole new level.  I did it before just for fun, but now I see the excitement on doing something like this.  That and their eyes don't bulge with Nitrogen on the 12# mono either.

Well, thanks for reading and until next tide....

General Board / Finding Out Today
« on: June 13, 2024, 07:21:22 AM »
This "Shutting Down" my work site has been pretty tough to deal with.  Today hopefully we'll have some answers, even if it's things I probably don't want to hear.  Getting out fishing a lot more lately has really helped the anxiety, so I told the wife, my doctor is prescribing a dose of fishing 5 days a week.  I'm not sure she's buying it, but I'm pressing hard! lol

Fishing Talk / Hero or Zero
« on: June 13, 2024, 07:17:55 AM »
I've been trying to play the "hero role" instead of having Plan A, B, and C like I've always done in the past.  Yesterday I went out and after 3 hours of trying for yellows, halibut and WSB, I opted to make sure I put some meat in the cooler.  Well after catching what I caught, I'm reminded that I need to go back to my "back up plans"...

I'll try and get the posts up later today.

General Board / Re: DOH
« on: June 11, 2024, 11:39:59 AM »
Wow! You can identify fossil and fish no one else could, but you cannot pick out a matching pair of shoes. They say every genius has a few quirks.

I was hungover and rushing out the door without trying to wake the wife.  There was a lot going against me that morning.  hahahaha

Salt Water Shore Fishing Reports / Church of Salty Feet (6/9)
« on: June 10, 2024, 05:30:28 PM »
So many Stripers being caught in the surf lately that I opted to fish from the beach instead of taking the boat out.  I had high hopes after seeing the striper, WSB, and halibut pics.

Got down early to typical TP conditions.  Lots of grass in some areas and none in others.

There were A LOT of guys out there fishing, so I bolted north to find some good water.  I wound up passing a ton of round sting rays... they were everywhere.

Kelp buried in the sand probably fooled some people fishing at high tide.

I kept the small stuff in the car, but only brought a few bigger things including the LC hoping for a game fish.  Lots and lots of casts with no bumps except for grass. 

I took a break and investigated some fresh cliff falls for fossils.

I kept going and need to find what this was.  It looks like it may have been a pier in S. Delmar.

I keep fishing the LC and all of a sudden, it stops.    Totally a snag...then it started screaming out!  Fish on!

It wasn't long before I realized what I snagged... a 30~ish pound bat ray... ugh..  This thing wasn't letting me get in in close so I tightened the drag just a tiny bit...  felt a "pop" and another "pop" which I assume were the hooks pulling out of the back and then a third "pop", which was my lure breaking free from my line.... Ugh.... That was an expensive one!

I retied with some other bigger lures, but after another 100 casts, decided I needed to get the skunk off the board, especially with how packed the beach was getting.  The rod I was using was a bit overwhelming for the baits, but I needed to use up the opened gulp grubs anyway.

Well, plenty of palm sized perch, that's for sure.  Landed 6, missed another 6 and had one which felt like a big YFC or BSB, but the hook never stayed in the lip.

hahaha, biggest of the bunch...

I decided to walk back and just scan the beach, cliffs and water's edge.  One thing I found that was perplexing was a 50-yard area filled with sponges (or bryozoans), crab and lobster shells and all sorts of weird stuff.  This one thing I think is a Sea Hare, but it was awfully firm and not jelly like (and had a shell!).

Nothing looked too good and I talked with a few guys who all know about the stripers there right now.  Along the way looking for fossils, I pulled a Sasquatch and found some free tackle!   8)

I'm guessing this is what they are using for halibut and bass, but in any case, it is brand new and I'm sure I'll be using this in the bay at some point.

I also found a bird skull and threw it in my pocket to clean up when I got home.

I met a guy just starting to get to the beach as I was leaving.  I think he said his name was Rayne and I might remember him from SCSF.  I didn't bring it up since I wanted to get home, but he also knew about the stripers and saw one caught last week.  Damn it... I'll have to try again!

Thanks for reading!

General Board / DOH
« on: June 10, 2024, 05:07:38 PM »
I was packing my work clothes up in the dark this morning and threw my shoes in my gym bag.  I didn't have a light source to check the shoes I was grabbing, but I thought I grabbed a matching pair.

Finished my work out and took my work shoes out...Ut Oh....

Man, I apparently need a few more days off to recalibrate.  I opted to wear my stinky gym shoes over the odd shoes, although in hindsight it may have been funnier.  lol

Saltwater Boat Fishing Reports / So much and So Little "BLUE" (6/7)
« on: June 08, 2024, 03:43:12 PM »
Finally getting out on a weekday when the marine forecast is good.  Met up with my buddy at 3:30 am and headed to the ramp.  We contemplated the Butterfly where everyone's been catching or look around the local banks since the 3/4-day trips have been seeing them.  We opted for the inner banks which gave us many more options over just heading out 60 miles.  We got bait and the receiver guys mentioned the butterfly, but we were sticking to our plans... or were we?

Man, it was almost drizzling out with that heavy marine layer.  I put on my rain gear and took a quick nap.  When I awoke, I realized we were 6o miles out!  Well, we're here, so hopefully we could capitalize.

There were the boats you wanted to see out there including some sporties, some big private boats and Duane Diego flying his kite.  BLUE whales EVERYWHERE and looked to be feeding also, or just playing.

Also, the water was almost purple it was so clean, but it was a bit chilly at 63.5.  So plenty of Blue, but no tuna marks or sighting yet.

We drifted baits at a couple of paddies and had some Blue Doggies take the bait, but they were on the smaller side.  One paddy probably had a dozen 3 footers around it.

All the boats switched from long soaks to trolling, so we followed suit.  We trolled Mad Macs, Spreaders, and a few other things we had in our kitchen sink

We finally got a screamer on the Spreader, but it was off before we got to really start cranking.  We aren't 100% sure what it was, but it did scream like a tuna.  Oh well, trolling onward!  All of the boats have now disappeared, so we put another plan into action.

 We ran to the East Butterfly and trolled a bit.  Even hit a few dry paddies.

We had the gyros out all day looking for signs of life. Not much radio chatter, so we had no idea what to do.

We opted to head east and try some of the other inner banks and see what we could see.  The banks definitely had more bird life and we were metering some SERIOUS fish!  Now confidence was high!
...But we could raise a single fish.  On the other end of the boat, I hear "What's that?  a Submarine?".  It really looked like a submarine, so we drove in to investigate.  Fishing was so bad we needed something to get out of this trip, even if it was just to discover something new.

As we got closer, I was even more puzzled.

AWHALE!?!?!  A big one and awfully bloated!

We stayed upwind the entire time, but my buddy did wind up on the wrong side at one point and HOLY HELL!  Makes a skunk smell like In-an-Out.

Sharks everywhere on it!  Big one's too!  No Great whites, but all big Blues!  They were feeding on the carcass and lifting their heads out of the water to eat!  It was super cool to see.  We got some video, but the pics didn't come out too well.

You literally heard the gas ripping the flesh apart and it was only a matter of time before this thing Blew its cork!

I have to figure out a way to post video here to show how many 6-7.5 foot Blues there were swimming around.  Most were trying to bite my buddy's motor which was annoying him, but we couldn't stop them as they were infatuated with it!  LOL

I put a rod out with two sardines pinned on a big hook and dropped it in front of their face.  Nothing... They were full, so I just let a little line out to see if there was a yellow hiding below.  As I was watching the sharks feed on the carcass and looking for a GW, my rod got bumped and then doubled over!  I put the reel to 40# of drag and the fight ensued!  I just knew it was a big Blue!  It only took less than 10 minutes to get it boatside, but it was a BIG Blue!  7 to 7.5' I would guess, but neither of us wanted anything to do with handling this thing!

Well, we got our fix of things all Blue, except the Sky and Tuna.  No luck besides my PB Blue, but that salvaged the day since that's not something you see every day.  Hell, I've only see one other floating dead whale in my entire life of fishing so it was pretty awesome. 

Long ride back to the docks (35 miles) and it was dark.  Probably went 160 miles for no meat was a real bummer, but it was my first offshore trip of 2024, so I was pretty stoked.

Hopefully, the tuna get closer and the water warms up a little.  But until then, I'll still be hunting my first real Gamefish of the year.

Thanks for reading!

Saltwater Boat Fishing Reports / Re: Red Tide and No Sun
« on: June 08, 2024, 11:22:33 AM »
Pretty nice day considering, Tim.  I was out also, and it was almost rain! 
There was a lot of BLUE water offshore, but the water was still pretty cold.

Oh, and you need to start the tuna hunt when your back to the water!  lol

BTW, nice spiny dogfish.  Glad he didn't poke you with those spikes.

Reel Repair & Maintenance / Re: Won a Used Avet...
« on: June 06, 2024, 06:52:03 AM »
Last time I needed a clamp and some information, I had to call.  I sent an email, but that took 3 days before they got back to me. lol

Salt Water Shore Fishing Reports / Re: First calico of '24
« on: June 06, 2024, 06:49:03 AM »
Happy to hear you got out and on the road to recovery.  Super happy to see your pops with such a slug of a calico!  Wow!

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